Using GitHub API with Python

import requests
import pygal
from import LightColorizedStyle as LCS, LightenStyle as LS
import webbrowser

url = ''
r = requests.get(url)
response_dict = r.json()
#print("Total repositories:", response_dict['total_count'])

repo_dicts = response_dict['items']

names, stars = [], []

for repo_dict in repo_dicts:

plot_dict = {
'value': repo_dict['stargazers_count'],
'xlink': repo_dict['html_url'],

my_style = LS('#333366', base_style=LCS)
my_config = pygal.Config()
my_config.x_label_rotation = 45
my_config.show_legend = False
my_config.title_font_size = 24
my_config.label_font_size = 14
my_config.major_label_font_size = 18
my_config.truncate_label = 15
my_config.show_y_guides = False
my_config.width = 1000
chart = pygal.Bar(style=my_style, x_label_rotation=45, show_legend=False)
chart.title = 'Most-Starred Python Projects on GitHub'
chart.x_labels = names
chart.add('', stars)



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